Imbecillus the Demon


He was in Amaurot zoo

When he got tired of  watching

An orange orangutan


And started watching midget strip shows

on his phone.


Who is the leader of that construction shop

right in the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Champs-Élysées?


She asked permission, to ask permission to get permission

For his wedding party, which, by the way, consists of

422 scholar bricks, spaghetti lancheros,

And 52 dead presidents, squeezed in her back pocket

waiting to be given to the manager of the taco truck.

This really is fun!!! Fun, is really, this!! Is???


This demon has 0 IQ : What a nice guy!!!

They tracked his location, found her on the leaves of mint

which 13 pupils vomited.

He left, by firing purple flame, to the faces of intelligent clowns.


She remembers, when people yell

“Oh, god!!!!!”: (neccectiy, 3rd commandment, pleasure)



The answer of the existential question





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