An American

Умом Россию не понять,
Аршином общим не измерить:
У ней особенная стать —
В Россию можно только верить.

Фёдор Тютчев

I’m an American:

Dreamer, sleeping — American,

“Coexist” sticker, confederate flag — American,

Middle East, SoCal — American,

Slave, master wannabe — American,

Jew loving, German driving — American,

Gay respectful, fag hating — American,

Coco — banana — American,

Confused Desi, Apache -American,

Dumb, fat and sexy — American,

Take that gas, pacifist — American,

Anarcho — Conservative — American,

Can say: “Fuck Jesus!”, scared to say it for Muhammad — American,

Chad-Jose — American,

No king, monarchy -American,

Got papers, marry me -American,

Speak only English,  Esperantisto — American,

Illegal, Immigration lawyer — American,

“I want you!”, “We can do it!” — American,

Proud, prudish — American,

Resist the racist — American,

Different, just like you — American,

Short dick, good heart — American,

La-la Land, Getto — American,

Feminist with wife beater — American

Hate myself, patriot — American


Overall,  an

American- American





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