In-to my wives

My first,

Transparent-pink one,

I was not a fan of violets

At school:

Why did everyone think so?
I loved the 

Hairy one,

With huge nose,

Darker skin:

She has none of it, anymore.
The revolutionist,

With bloody songs,

Why you 

Grew up

I carved 

Your name

On my skin,


Just for a

My relatively close


I knew you love girls,

Cause you loved me,

When I was 

I keep

Forgetting your name:

What did make me

Slide my hands

On your 



The same reason

Your husband is

Rolling his balls

On your

You were my


Huge tits,

No experience.
And then you.

Who stole my brain,

And my notebook.

(I’m still waiting for it).

We are look-alike members

Of Woody Allen’s 

Freudian Club.

And then three of you

Came to me

Almost the same time.

My ex’s ex girlfriend,

Ex’s ex girlfriend’s sister,

And the one 

Who was double of me:

Double age

Double weight

Double shortage.
Then again you

Another you,

Between both of you.
I found myself

In some sum of you.
And I don’t write

About you


It’s amoral,


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