Factory refurbished furniture with the eyes of an huge fly

orange rat

I saw

Purple and green,

on top of each other,

colors from nineties’ sportswear,

lined up,

from left to right.


It’s a game,

fully structured,


without a story-line.


Arrows from left to right,

moving backwards,

pushing forward.


They light up,

like pixels,

like fly’s eyes,



I just saw it,

wanted to share.

Dig it?

something really arrhythmic


Matthew's chicken in Hollywood blvd

I wanted to write something,

Something about dog-spangled banners,

Coughing cats,

golden-bearded monsters

and cigarette ashes, flying under my chin.


I thought about connection,

a molecular level one.


I brought my hair in front of my eyes

as if it’s my polarized sunglasses, or a prism,

to separate the colors of the light

coming out of the florentine light bulb:

It didn’t work.


the salt on my neck

sounds entertainingly violent.


You see,

the sofa,

we used to make love on,

doesn’t care anymore,

just like

Dog-spangled banners,

Coughing cats,


golden-bearded monsters.



I found the