The bakery of your dreams

a fake shot

It’s deliciously fat,

with a beauty of a cow’s eye,

with the smell of indigo colors,

exploding like a mandarin.


I turned my back,

to wait for the right moment,

to see your cinematic entrance

into the garden

full of flour,

resting on my eyelashes.


I skated an iron iron,

making rounds around you,

illuminating with fireworks

with hands,

full of ingredients for

a cake.


Was it cheesy


Factory refurbished furniture with the eyes of an huge fly

orange rat

I saw

Purple and green,

on top of each other,

colors from nineties’ sportswear,

lined up,

from left to right.


It’s a game,

fully structured,


without a story-line.


Arrows from left to right,

moving backwards,

pushing forward.


They light up,

like pixels,

like fly’s eyes,



I just saw it,

wanted to share.

Dig it?