5 “Sexiest” Free Online Courses on Data Analaytics

5 “Sexiest” Free Online Courses on Data Analaytics


Have you heard about the cool things called Data Analytics or Data Science? Sounds sexy right? No? 🙂 Well, it better does, “cause  According to World Economic Forum’s “The Future of The Jobs” 2016 report, by 2020 Data Analytics is going to be the most required skills by employers. You see where I’m going?

New job market trends require everyone to be aware of at least the basics of Data Analytics. Here’s an intro video to get an idea what it is.

Today huge amounts of data are everywhere and it can’t be analyzed without specific technologies. Every employer or organization needs people with these skills, so mastering data analytics can be extremely helpful for you, especially if you are a  location independent worker or a freelancer.

Data analytics is a science for collecting, storing and analyzing the data, so to speak, “making sense of it”…

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The bakery of your dreams

a fake shot

It’s deliciously fat,

with a beauty of a cow’s eye,

with the smell of indigo colors,

exploding like a mandarin.


I turned my back,

to wait for the right moment,

to see your cinematic entrance

into the garden

full of flour,

resting on my eyelashes.


I skated an iron iron,

making rounds around you,

illuminating with fireworks

with hands,

full of ingredients for

a cake.


Was it cheesy


Factory refurbished furniture with the eyes of an huge fly

orange rat

I saw

Purple and green,

on top of each other,

colors from nineties’ sportswear,

lined up,

from left to right.


It’s a game,

fully structured,


without a story-line.


Arrows from left to right,

moving backwards,

pushing forward.


They light up,

like pixels,

like fly’s eyes,



I just saw it,

wanted to share.

Dig it?

Another trash, just for eye gym

fraternity of a narcist

Plato’s cave was huge,

hundred inch,

twelve K,

No ads,

forced to watch.


Something was stressing and boiling

inside my spin,

inside my muscles,

waiting to come out of my fingers

on the keyboard.




It’s sliding,

and melting,

doing some plasma dance,

forgiving itself,

for being mean and jerk,

ignoring the reflection

of its own eye.


It came out with a


like a…

like a…

like a…

I don’t know,

like a sneeze?


something really arrhythmic


Matthew's chicken in Hollywood blvd

I wanted to write something,

Something about dog-spangled banners,

Coughing cats,

golden-bearded monsters

and cigarette ashes, flying under my chin.


I thought about connection,

a molecular level one.


I brought my hair in front of my eyes

as if it’s my polarized sunglasses, or a prism,

to separate the colors of the light

coming out of the florentine light bulb:

It didn’t work.


the salt on my neck

sounds entertainingly violent.


You see,

the sofa,

we used to make love on,

doesn’t care anymore,

just like

Dog-spangled banners,

Coughing cats,


golden-bearded monsters.



I found the




A poem of an amateur dragon pilot

I thought about nothing,
I thought about nothing,
I thought about nothing,
then I thought about
and some Latinos,
fixing the forklift: all in oil and dirt.

I thought about nothing,
I thought about nothing,
I thought about nothing,
then I thought
that thinking about nothing doesn’t make that much sense,
and it’s time to say thanks ,
especially the Latinos,
who are still changing the oil of that forklift
in my mind.


Non-adapters will die in new job markets

Non-adapters will die in new job markets

65% of today’s elementary school students will work in professions, that don’t exist today.

Isn’t this mind-blowing?
It is


It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

Leon C. Megginson, 1963

Muttaburrasaurus-Dinosaur-skeleton Mattaburrasaurus Skeleton — Queensland Museum.

World Economic Forum has just published “The Future of The Jobs” 2016 report  and when you look at the numbers, it’s simply hard to believe. The Report says, that the most wanted skills today didn’t even exist until 5 years ago and 65% of today’s elementary school students will work in professions, that don’t exist today.

Isn’t this mind-blowing? Would the world imagine this 5-10 years ago? Are the employers and even employees ready for this? ‘Cause if not, bad times are coming.

Poster 1 From the “Future of the Jobs” 2016 Report.

So, the value of self-education or vocational…

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